Thursday, December 30, 2010

The year in review - Comics, TV and music

OK, here we go...

Best new edition/reprint: Blacksad, Dark Horse. The most amazing comic ever, now in a nicer, better version, one it deserves sooo much
Runner up: The Losers 2 book edition, Vertigo, DC

Best TPB: A God Somewhere, DC - A great take on the superhero genre, realistic, painful and gut wrenching.
Runner up: Planetary Vol. 4 , Wildstorm, DC. (Finally)

WTF Comics:
Batman, Return of Bruce Wayne, DC - WTF just happened? Did I miss something...
Brightest Day, DC - WTF am I doing still reading this? Is this going somewhere?
Ultimate X, Marvel - WTF is going on with this title? When is it coming out again? HUH?

Best new comic:
American Vampire
, Vertigo, DC. Great story and art and a new take on the Vampire genre, with Stephan King actually writing a horror comic, how can you go wrong?
Runner up: Mystery Society, IDW

Best Comic of the year:
Invincible, Image - Still just as awesome as always! This title, with great writing by Robert Kirkman, amazing art from the great Ryan Ottley, just keeps you guessing about what will happen, not letting you breath for a moment and keeps the action and fun to a maximum. This should be the new standard for superhero comics.
Runner up: Fables, Vertigo, DC; The Unwritten, Vertigo, DC; Thunderbolts, Marvel.

Best New TV Show:
Sherlock - Just awesome, great writing and acting, it is sad that it was only 3 episodes, but more are coming... soon....
Runner up: The Walking Dead

Best ongoing show:
The Venture Bros. - It just keeps getting better and better... One of the funniest, smartest shows, everybody should watch it!
Runner ups: South Park, Futurama, True Blood, Burn Notic

Shows that lost me this year:
Glee, Boardwalk Empire, Caprica, 24

My favorite albums of the year:
4. The Family Jewels, Marina and the Diamonds
3. Drink the Sea, The Glitch Mob
2. The Budos Band III, The Budos Band
1. Interpol - Interpol

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